​​​​​​​​​​The Oversight Forum brings together trusted expertise on Oregon Information Technology (IT) projects, legislative processes, and private sector IT technical experiencesThe M​​odernization Oversight Forum is a convening for experts and stakeholders to partner with Employment Department leadership to review complex topics, ask tough questions, and provide thoughtful counsel and strategic advice to the Employment Department’s Modernization Program and all chartered projects including the UI Modernization Project.  

Oversight Forum Members

  • ​SENAT​OR CHUCK RILEY | ​​Oregon State Senator​,​ Senate District 15
  • SENATOR TIM KNOPP | Oregon State Senator, Senate District 27   
  • REPRESENTATIVE NANCY NATHANSON | Oregon State Representative, District 13​​
  • REPRESENTATIVE PAUL HOLVEY | Oregon State Representative​, District 8
  • TERRENCE WOODS State Chief Information Officer​
  • SEAN MCSPADEN | ​Principal Legislative (IT) Analyst, Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO)​


  • RENEE ROYSTON Modernization Director, Oregon Employment Department​​       
  • DAVID GERSTENFELD | Acting Director, Oregon Employment Department​​​        
Read the Modernization Oversight Forum Charter​.
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