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​​​​​​​Modernization Program Plans

The following plans are the program documentation required in order to move forward with a program of this size and complexity and ensure we've planned thoroughly enough that we are sufficiently prepared for success.

Interested in what the program plans look like? Click below to view the pdf of each document.

Budget Management Plan

Business Case

Change Control Plan

Organizational Change Management Plan

Communications and Outreach Plan

Contract Management Plan

Modernization Oversight Forum Charter

Procurement Management Plan

Program Charter

Program Governance Plan

Program Management Plan

Quality Management Plan

Risk and Issue Management Plan

Schedule Management Plan

Scope Management Plan

Staff Management Plan

​​​​​UI Modernization Project Plans​

Project Business Case

Modernization Stakeholder Board Charter

Project Charter

Project Organizational Change Management Plan

Project Management Plan

Project Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Workforce Modernization Project Plans

Project Business Case