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The Employment Department's Modernization Program is a multi-year initiative, expected to be complete in 2026. ​

UI Modernization Project

In May 2021, we received our Stage Gate 3 endorsement, allowing us to start the “execution" stage of the project. We also signed a contract with Fast Enterprises, our solution vendor, in May 2021.

These crucial steps allowed us to officially kick off the project in July 2021 and begin the process of replacing the computer systems supporting UI tax and benefits and establishing the computer systems supporting Paid Leave Oregon contributions and benefits. 

As you can see in the graphic below, the project is separated into two phases, called “rollouts."In September 2022, we replaced our UI tax system and created the system to support Paid Leave Oregon contributions.

Two weeks after the tax and contributions rollout, we started working on the second rollout for Frances, which includes the functionality supporting Paid Leave Oregon benefits, going live Aug. 14, 2023 and UI benefits going live March 4, 2024.

​Workforce Modernization Project

In January 2023, we finalized and signed the project's Business Case and Project Charter. We anticipate receiving our Stage Gate 2 endorsement late spring 2023 and then will continue the “Project Planning" phase by identifying business requirements.

Modernization Program Projected Timeline​

The below figure illustrates the high-level projected timelines for the Modernization Program and anticipated projects.This projection is based on what we know today and may be updated as project timelines are finalized.

Modernization Timeline New 2023-02-17.png