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Meet the First Gentleman

Dan Little grew up in Boulder, Colorado and later attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins where he met his spouse, Kate Brown, while she was attending the University of Colorado.

After receiving his degree in Forestry Management, Dan began his career with the United States Forest Service as a Natural Resources Biologist in 1982 in western Colorado, and moved to Oregon shortly thereafter where he worked for the remainder of his career until retiring in 2015.

For the first 15 years, Dan worked in the field on various National Forests working on a variety of projects including vegetation inventories, managing tree planting and tree thinning projects, designing timber sales, developing environmental analyses and fighting forest fires. He eventually began developing databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to inventory and analyze a wide range of natural resource conditions.

In 1998, Dan was hired by the Forest Service National Headquarters to assist in developing a nationwide computer system and national applications to manage all aspects of our national resources including vegetation conditions, wildlife, stream conditions, recreation activities, and wildfire activities. Dan worked as a project manager developing the systems, while creating national standards to more consistently gather information.

Dan and Kate Brown were married in October 1997, and raised his two children, Jessie and Dylan in Portland. Dan became the First Gentleman of Oregon when Governor Brown was sworn in as Oregon’s 38th Governor on February 18, 2015. They currently reside in Salem. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, biking and skiing along with attending events with Governor Brown.