Governor Kate Brown

​​​​​​​​​​​Executive Order on Climate Action

Executive Order 20-04 Directing State Agencies to Take Actions to Reduce and Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

On March 10, 2020, Governor Brown issued EO 20-04, directing state agencies to take actions to reduce and regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

EO 20-04 establishes new science-based emissions reduction goals for Oregon. The executive order directs certain state agencies to take specific actions to reduce emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change; and provides overarching direction to state agencies to exercise their statutory authority to help achieve Oregon's climate goals.

You can read a summary of the EO 20-04 here (coming soon).

Agency Implementation Plans:

     Preliminary Work Plan for Achieving Reduction in Methane Emissions from

     Preliminary Work Plan to Expand the Oreg​on Clean Fuels Program
     Preliminary Work Plan to Reduce Food Waste
     Program Options to Cap and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions                                    Final Report - Cap and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission                             
Department of Land Conservation and Development
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Oregon Department of Energy
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Oregon Department of Forestry
Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon Health Authority   
OHA ​Climate Health Executive Summary
OHA Climate Health Full Report
Oregon Water Resources Department
Oregon Watershed Enhance​ment Board​ ​
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Sustainable Transportation Strategy Implementation Group​
Transmittal Letter for STS Multi-Agency EO 20-04​​
STS Multi-Agency Imple​​​mentation Work Plan 2020-2022 Appendix​
STS Multi-Agency Implementation Work Plan 2020-2022 Summary of Public Comments​​​​