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The Governor makes appointments to over 250 Boards and Commissions representing a broad range of areas and issues for the State of Oregon. This also includes most major state agencies and departments headed by policy-making boards which are appointed by the Governor.
Members of Oregon State Boards and Commissions are vital participants in statewide decision-making and dedicated individuals have the opportunity to participate in developing a wide variety of important governmental policies. Major issues range from consumer protection, economic development, education, conservation, and health care — all of which are critical to the ongoing success of the State of Oregon.
The Governor is also committed to ensuring that all Boards and Commissions represent the growing age, racial and gender diversity of the state. This is an amazing opportunity to pool our collective viewpoints, visions and hopes for Oregon — and all citizens are welcome and encouraged to serve.
You must be an Oregon resident and taxpayer to participate unless otherwise noted.


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