​​Applying for a Governor-appointed Board or Commission is easy! Follow these easy steps and you are on your way.

Do your homework         

To get a deeper s​ense of what to expect of Board or Commission service, please check out the Membership Handbook.  This will give you all of the details of Board or Commission service and will offer up sound advice about what it means to join a Board or Commission.

Make your selection

The links below will help inform your decision-making process, including a current list of upcoming expirations and vacancies.

The Boards & Commissions Book describes most of the boards to which the Governor makes appointments.

  • The Boards & Commissions Book describes most of the boards to which the Governor makes appointments.
    Board Book 2018
  • Expiration Report through December 2021                                                                        Expiration List 123121.pdf                                                                                                   
  • Vacancy Report ​
    Vacancy List 123121.pdf

Most Boards and Commissions have their own websites. This is another way to learn about the specific details of service on a Board or Commission that interests you. Click on Board List (left-hand column) to view the expanded website list. Note: Not all boards have websites.

All meetings are open to the public, so feel free to attend a meeting ahead of time to experience what it is like to participate on your targeted Board or Commission.

Complete the Interest Form​

Interest Form.pdf

The Interest Form is a basic application that tells our office about you, your background and why you want to participate on a Governor-appointed Board or Commission. You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current opening, as resignations occur throughout the year. Please type or use black ink when completing your interest form.
Please complete this form and include the supplemental information requested. Your resume and a bio detailing your experience, key tasks, awards, and other board work is also required for appointments requiring Senate confirmation. Please review all of your information to ensure your form is complete! We will not accept emails with links to your information.
Reappointments should check the box marked "Reappointment", complete the form, include a statement of interest (why they'd like to continue), and provide a resume.
All applicants are subject to a background check and additional vetting may apply for some board positions. Notifying us about something in your past does not necessarily mean that you can’t or won’t be appointed; but it is important that you disclose this information in the beginning of the process. Please ensure your fiscal responsibilities are in order when applying. Non-compliant issues may delay or jeopardize your potential appointment!
Once you submit your application, it will be placed in the appropriate Board or Commission’s file for future consideration (2 years). Submission of an Interest Form does not mean that you will automatically be contacted; we will ​acknowledge the receipt of your form. If you are being actively considered for appointment, you will hear from the Boards & Commissions Office directly.
Interest Forms can be returned via USPS (snail mail) or as a scanned email attachment. If returning via email, click submit and your interest form will be attached to the outgoing message. Be sure to use your electronic signature on the document and include your requested attachment before sending.
  • To email your scanned Interest form, please send to:
  • To mail your Interest Form, please send it to:
    Office of the Governor
    Executive Appointments
    900 Court Street NE, Room 254
    Salem, OR 97301-4075



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