Working with Communities

​​​​​Recovery Council

Governor Brown tasked a group of local stakeholders to form the Chetco Bar Fire Recovery Council, chaired by Rep. David Brock Smith. The primary purpose of the council was to report on recovery needs. The council developed a list of recommendations, most of which have been addressed. Here is a summary of those recommendations and related outcomes.


In addition the council suggested the creation of this web page to help improve the flow of information to the public about regional recovery.


In terms of planning for the long-term economic recovery for the region, the South Coast Development Council (SCDC) is partnering with the City of Brookings to document the economic impact of the fire and develop strategies to mitigate those impacts. If you are interested in that effort, contact Sam Baugh at SCDC.


Safe Access to the National Forest

Fire damaged trees are a threat to public safety and the public also has an interest in continuing to recreate in the forest. The Forest Service is trying to manage that balance by progressively reducing the closed area.


Below is a map showing the closed area as of December 2017. To check for recent updates or to see the latest information on forest closures, visit the Siskiyou National Forest alerts page.

If you are driving into the forest this spring or summer, be aware that there is a lot of salvage logging on private lands and be aware of log trucks. (A good strategy for navigating this situation is to find a log truck and fall in behind it.)

Information for Small Wood Lot Owners

If you own timberland that was impacted by the fire and you have technical questions about restoration activities on your land, the Oregon Department of Forestry can assist you. In addition, if you are interested in restoration of the landscape and helping restore the forest to health, contact Matt Swanson at South Coast Watershed Council, 541.373.0800. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has also developed a Conservation Implementation Strategy for private landowners affected by the Chetco Bar Fire. The NRCS contact is: Eric Moeggenberg, District Conservationist, 541.824.8091.

Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Coos and Curry counties is accepting applications for the Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP). Owners of non-industrial private forest lands damaged by the Chetco Bar Fire may be eligible for assistance with a wide variety of restoration activities—deadline is Friday, June 1, 2018. Contact: Bret Harris, FSA, County Executive Director, 541-396-4323 ext. 2 or​.


Fire & Disaster Preparedness

Fortunately only a small number of structures were burned in the Chetco Bar Fire. If you want to learn more about “defensible space” and how to prepare your property to protect your home, excellent resources are available here:


The fire was also a reminder for many in south Curry County of the need for additional community preparedness for all kinds of disasters. If you are interested in getting involved in those efforts, contact Jerry Dumire at Curry County.


Businesses Impacted by the Fire

The Small Business Development Center has assisted numerous small businesses dealing with the impacts of the fire, and could possibly connect you with low-interest loans to speed that recovery.