Working with Communities

The Governor has activated the Regional Solutions network to convene a Economic Recovery Teams to respond to the economic impacts associated with COVID-19 in a regionally appropriate fashion. To ensure our state efforts receive input from across the state, these teams will funnel information to the Statewide Coronavirus Economic Advisory Council through Regional Coordinators. This approach leverages previous Regional Solutions experience in coordinating Regional Recovery and in facilitating multi-agency efforts under the convening authority of the Governor.

Regional Solutions’ Scope of Work during Response and Recovery 
  1. At a regional level, facilitate deployment of federal, state, and local resources to address business and workforce needs.
  2. Inform Governor’s Coronavirus Economic Advisory Council of short-term regionally specific needs and long-term needs for recession recovery. 
  3. Coordinate with, and where appropriate, convene relevant partners (examples below) to respond nimbly to developing business and economic needs using local, state, and federal tools.
Recovery Teams 
The Recovery Teams will organize or help to support regional networks to coordinate on-the-ground activities in support of businesses and dislocated employees; and collect and disseminate information.  
  • Recovery network members could include but are not limited to: 
    • Regional economic development organizations 
    • Economic Development Districts 
    • Local economic development offices (city/county)
    • Business Oregon 
    • Oregon Employment Department 
    • Small Business Development Centers 
    • Ports
    • Local/regional emergency management teams 
    • Regional Development Marketing Organizations 
    • Chambers of Commerce 
    • Workforce Investment Boards (including Rapid Response team members)
    • Regionally industry associations (e.g., local Farm Bureaus, the Gorge Tech Alliance, TAO, etc.) 
    • Regional congressional field staff 
    • Other state and federal agencies, as appropriate (e.g., Oregon Department of Agriculture, USDA, NRCS, FSA) 
  • Tasks of the Recovery Team:
    • Ensure coordination of regional networks
    • Facilitate communication on local, regional, state, and federal tools available for business/economic recovery 
    • Compile information and reports on economic impact in region to supplement statewide situation assessment provided to Governor’s Coronavirus Economic Advisory Council
    • Advise coordinators on items to elevate to Governor’s Coronavirus Economic Advisory Council