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The Office of the G​overnor complies with the Oregon Public Records Law​ and responds to public record requests as soon as practicable and without ​unreasonable delay, in​ the manner described below. ORS 192.324(7) requires every public body to make available to the public a written procedure for making public record requests.


1. Public records request procedure.
The Governor's General Counsel is responsible for coordinating public records requests made to the Office of the Governor. The General Cou​nsel's office will work with the Governor's staff as appropriate in fulfilling the public records requests. All formal public records requests should be submitted using the online public records request system.

Public records requests may also be mailed to:

Shevaun Gutridge

​900 Court St. NE Ste 254

Salem, OR 97301-4046

2.  Initial response to public records requests.
After receiving a request for a public record or document, General Counsel will respond to public records requests as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. We will respond with one or more of the following:

  • A statement that the Office of the Governor does or does not have custody of the requested document(s);
  • Copies of all requested public records for which the Office of the Governor does not claim an exemption from disclosure under ORS 192.311 to 192.478;
  • A statement that the Office of the Governor is the custodian of some responsive records, an estimate of time in which copies will be provided or inspection will be available, and an estimate of the fees the requester must pay;
  • A statement that the Office of the Governor is uncertain whether it possesses any requested records and that it will search for the requested records and respond as soon as practicable; or
  • A statement that state or federal law prohibits the Office of the Governor from acknowledging whether the record exists and a citation to the relevant state or federal law.

3. Clarification of public records requests.
If the Office of the Governor receives an unusual request or the scope of the request is unclear, General Counsel may request additional clarification before responding to the request.

4. Publication of public records requests.
  • Information on all public record requests made on or after January 15, 2015 will be publicly available online
  • The requester's name, organization, the nature of the request, and the status of the request will be posted once processing has begun. 
  • Once processing has completed the responsive documents, if any, will also be made publicly available.
  • The public records log will be updated regularly and at least weekly.
5. Non-responsive requesters
  • If a requester fails to respond to inquiries for clarifications, cost estimates, or any other communication from the Governor's Office within 60 days, the status of the request will be changed to "Non-Responsive Requester," as required by ORS 192.329(4)(b).
  • Non-responsive requests may be resubmitted and will be processed as a new request.

6. Office of the Public Records Advocate
The Office of the Public Records Advocate was created in 2017 by SB 106, introduced by Governor Brown. Under ORS 192, the Advocate is responsible for: 
  • providing facilitated dispute resolution services at the request of government bodies or public records requesters; 
  • providing training on public records laws; 
  • leading the Public Records Advisory Council.
You may find information about the Office of the Public Records Advocate online h​ere​.  You may contact the Public Records Advocate at ​or by phone: 503-378-5228.


The Oregon Public Records Law allows agencies to recover their actual costs in fulfilling a public records request. If the estimated fee is greater than $25, the General Counsel's office will provide the requester with written notice of the estimated amount of the fee. In such instances, the public records request coordinator will not fulfill the request until the requester confirms in writing that the requester wants to proceed with the request despite the estimated cost.  If the requester fails to pay the fee within 60 days of the date on which the office informed the requester of the fee, or fails to pay the fee within 60 days of the date on which the office informed the requester of the denial of a fee waiver, the office will close the request and its status will be changed to "Non-Responsive Requester," as required by ORS 192.329(3)(b).

Standard Fee Schedule 

Copies (letter sized, black and white): 7 cents per copy
Certification of Public Records: $5

Standard Labor Charges
Clerical Staff: $25 per hour
Managerial Staff: $40 per hour
Professional Staff: $75 per hour
Attorney Review: Hourly cost based on DOJ fee schedule

The Office of the Governor waives a minimum of 30 minutes of staff time for all public records requests.

All time for public records requests will be recorded in six-minute increments. The Governor's Office will base labor charges on the type of work actually performed, not on the classification of the employee who does the work. Example: If a manager does routine clerical work in answering a request for a public record, such as photocopying, the charge will be $25 per hour.

The Governor's Office will generate an invoice for completing the public records request. The Governor's Office will bill direct costs to the requester (e.g. the cost of legal review by the Department of Justice). The requester must pay the fee before the Office sends the requested records or makes them available for viewing.

Fee waivers for public records requests.

Requests for fee waivers or reduced fees must be made in writing to the Office of General Counsel, 254 State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Salem OR 97301. The General Counsel's office may furnish copies without charge or at a substantially reduced fee if it is determined that the waiver or reduction of fees is in the public interest because making the record available primarily benefits the general public. The General Counsel's office will determine the appropriateness of fee waivers or adjustments based on the guidance of the relevant law including ORS 192.440(5), the Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual, and DAS Policy 107-001-030.​

Reduced Fee Schedule 
(applies when the General Counsel's office waives part of the fee because it determines that fulfilling the request 
would serve the public interest by primarily benefiting the general public; per DAS Policy 107-001-030)
 ​Copies (letter sized, black and white): 7 cents per copy
Certification of Public Records: $5

Reduced Labor Charges
Clerical Staff: $20 per hour
Managerial Staff: $32 per hour
Professional Staff: $60 per hour
Attorney Review: $75 per hour