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7 Bikes for 7 Wonders

May 6, 2015

Thanks for the introduction, Todd. Let me start by saying how grateful we are for your leadership here in Oregon and nationally. 

It’s clear that Travel Oregon awakens such wanderlust that people all over the world feel compelled to come and see it for themselves. Essentially, Travel Oregon is in the business of turning inspiration into experience.

Tonight, I’m happy to announce that those experiences translate into an economic boon 

Last year, the positive impact of travel and tourism in Oregon reached an all-time record. In 2014, travelers injected 10-point-3-billion into the state’s economy. Perhaps more importantly, tourism directly employed more than 100-thousand Oregonians.  Oregon’s travel and tourism industry brings in $432 million in state and local taxes.

We also know that when visitors go home, they take a little of Oregon with them. Nearly 60-percent of tourists continue to buy the Oregon products they were exposed to while they were here. 

Some visitors go beyond sightseeing and , sampling a few outstanding local beers before they leave. Some consider opening or relocating their businesses here, resulting in approximately 700,000 new business prospects. 

This is important because businesses that start here and thrive here create about 70-percent of new jobs in Oregon.

Oregon inspires us. And innovative and engaging outreach campaigns like 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders share that inspiration with the world. And when that happens, the entire state and every Oregonian benefits.

Thank you.​