Media Room


AllCare Campus Announcement 
July 8, 2016

Thank you Dr. Flow, it is wonderful to be here to kick off the next phase of construction for AllCare Health’s new campus.

AllCare, the local organization based here in Grants Pass, has worked hard for 21 years to offer quality health care to Oregon Health Plan members in Southern Oregon. AllCare’s diligence has paid off. Today, there are more than 50,000 AllCare members throughout four Southern Oregon counties who are served by more than 1,300 health care providers, clinics, and hospitals. 

We are here to announce the next phase of AllCare’s future home. This campus will bring economic development to Southern Oregon. This triumph is due to the collaborative work we continue to find here in Oregon. These efforts show the willingness of Oregonians from different work sectors to partner and advance health outcomes. Josephine County Public Health Department will have space on the new AllCare campus, which exemplifies this project’s collaborative spirit, and efforts of CCOs to focus on prevention and community health.

This partnership offers more than a shared workspace; having AllCare and the public health department located in the same location will make it easier for families to find the preventative care they need, and represents the clear connection between health care and public health.

Access to health care is critical to the vitality of our communities. All Oregonians deserve to have access to affordable and high-quality health care. Oregon has made great progress improving how we delivery care for Oregon's most vulnerable populations -- integrating and coordinating care, improving quality and outcomes while holding down costs. But we have more to do. 

While we've expanded coverage to 98 percent of children and 94 percent of all Oregonians, disparities still exist and we need to focus on improving health equity, ensuring that no Oregonian is left behind.

To truly improve health and lower health care costs, we need to encourage new partnerships between health care and other systems, such as education, public safety, and housing, to focus on social determinants of health. We know that 85 percent or more of what determines someone's health is due to factors outside a doctor's office.

And we need to continue to integrate and improve mental health and addictions services in Oregon. Too many Oregonians in need of mental health or addictions services are housed in our jails and emergency rooms. We need to ensure Oregonians receive the care they need, when they need it.

Helping people and the community isn’t new to AllCare. With its two decades of personally investing in the well-being of its clients, AllCare continues to go above and beyond to help those they serve. 

In one instance, an older gentleman from Brookings had successful abdominal surgery and was sent home only to find himself back in the hospital a couple days later. His sole source of heat was a woodstove fireplace, and he needed to chop wood to stay warm. In the process, he popped his stitches. AllCare Health paid for two cords of already split wood and had it delivered to his home. But not without first getting a “pinky promise” that he wouldn’t chop anymore of his own wood. 

This story highlights the progress AllCare Health and Oregon's CCO model have made to invest in the community and find creative ways to improve health for Oregonians.  

The co-location of All Care and the Josephine County health department represents a new era in how we think about health care: where public health and the health care delivery system work hand-in-hand to improve the health of the communities they serve.

Here’s to new collaborative efforts, to improve the health and well-being of our Oregonian communities. 

Thank you.