Media Room


Armed Forces Day
May 18, 2017

Good afternoon fellow Oregonians and thank you for joining us in celebrating the heroes of our state and nation, both those currently serving and veterans of the armed forces!

As the daughter of an Air Force service member, I have incredible respect and admiration for those who serve and protect the nation in our armed forces.

In communities across the state, the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs serves more military veterans from more diverse backgrounds than ever before.

For the first time in history, we are serving four generations of Oregon veterans who fought in five major wars and stood guard over our peace at home and abroad.

As Commander in Chief of the Oregon National Guard, I could not be more proud of the men and women serving in our forces.

We depend on the Guard for their mission here at home in times of fires, floods and storms, but also when they are activated for federal missions overseas.

Next week we will mark the mobilization of the ELEVEN EIGHTY SIX Military Police Company. I know they will perform their mission with the utmost of professionalism and we will eagerly await their return home to their families and communities.

Today, we as a state and nation say thank you to all our service member and Veterans. I encourage all Oregonians to take a moment to let our service members and veterans how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice. And specifically, if you know a Vietnam Veteran in your life, make sure to let them know their service is not forgotten and their legacy of honor is appreciated.

I am proud of our Oregon veterans, currently serving members, and Oregon’s military families. Again, on behalf of the entire State of Oregon we thank you.