Media Room


Bus Project Democracy Lobby Day
March 8, 2017

Welcome to Salem and your State Capitol. I know for many of you, this is your first time at the Capitol, and it’s always encouraging to see new generations of Oregonians engaged in democracy, demanding a seat at the table.

Thank you to executive director Nikki Fisher and all of the enthusiastic, dedicated Bus Project volunteers, staff, and board members. In Oregon, we believe your vote is your voice and every voice matters.

Oregon has a tradition that I am very proud of — expanding voter access. We know our democracy and our government is made stronger and better with more perspectives, not fewer.

Thanks in part to your advocacy, there’s much work we can be proud of—including, most recently, the landmark Motor Voter law.

In total, over 97,000 ballots were cast through the Oregon Motor Voter, for a turnout rate of almost of 40%. That’s amazing!

Throughout our history, many have fought for and demanded more rights all Oregonians.

In our Oregon, and in our America, all people are equal and love wins. Black Lives Matter. Immigrants and refugees are welcome. Disabilities are respected. Women are in charge of their bodies. People and planet are valued over profit. Diversity is celebrated.

In Oregon, we will not backtrack on the human and civil rights of our people. We will fight to ensure justice and equity for all, and continue expanding access to the ballot to ensure all the voice of all Oregon voters is heard.

I again thank the Bus Project for committing to engage, educate, and empower new generations of voters, advocates, as well as candidates that better reflect the diversity of Oregon’s communities.

As Governor, know I am here for you. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive state for our families and future generations of Oregonians.

Thank you.