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CAUSA May Day Rally
May 1, 2017

I know this is an uncertain and scary time for Oregon’s immigrant and refugee families. I want you to know that my support for you is unwavering. As long as I’m Governor, Oregon will be welcoming and inclusive to all who call our state home.

Oregon affirmed these values some 30 years ago in state law, and I extended these protections through executive order to preclude all state agencies from treating Oregonians as criminals solely on the basis of immigration status. 

What the federal government can't do under the U.S. Constitution is conscript state law enforcement officers to implement the policies of this Administration. And the federal government cannot cut funding to states who stand up for the rights of all and refuse to implement immigration policies that divide and stir fear.

 Just last week I sat with farmers in The Dalles who were afraid these policies would devastate their businesses. Not in theory, but this summer.

 Our technology community has stood up for the rights of their workers too.

 We are a state that relies on a diverse workforce that contributes to Oregon’s robust agricultural and timber economies, and drives innovation in our high-tech Silicon Forest.

Throughout Oregon’s history, thousands have fought for equality for all Oregonians. We cannot retreat from the progress they achieved.

 I remain committed to upholding the civil and human rights of every Oregonian and stand ready to protect our laws and protect our way of life.

We all should have the opportunity fulfill our greatest potential.

I am here for you, and together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive state for our families and future generations of Oregonians.
United as Oregonians, our voices are important and will be heard.