Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
CAUSA May Day Rally
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Welcome to your state capitol.
I’m proud to be here today to celebrate Oregon’s immigrant communities.
You are part of our families, communities, workplaces, and places of worship. You are our neighbors, friends, and local business owners.
And you embody the ideals of the American Dream. Our country was built on the ideal that if you work hard, you earn a chance at a better life for your family.
America is stronger when we embrace the different traditions, cultures, and viewpoints that our great nation brings together.
And I’m proud that in our state, we can see that strength every day.
Oregon is a beacon of hope and freedom for people all over the world.
It is up to us—and community leaders like you—to be the standard bearers of justice and civil rights.
While the White House continues to show little regard for the core principles of our Constitution—we will make our voices heard.
When the President rebukes our shared vision of an America where we are all able to pursue the promise of the American Dream—we will make our voices heard.
I have said it before and I will say it again. A divided and chaotic Washington DC is unworkable. But a united Oregon is unstoppable.
Let’s work together to invest in our schools so our children can succeed.
Let’s work together to pass paid family leave.
Let’s work together to promote safety by ensuring access to drivers licenses.
Together, we can build a better Oregon for everyone!