Media Room

November 28, 2017

Hi, I’m Kate Brown, your governor.

Thank you to:
Google – for their program and equipment
Today’s instructors from Google
Parkrose Middle School 

Questions and group response with 6th graders: 
What is your school mascot?
How many of you have cell phones?

The lesson today won’t just help you through your next test or year. 

Computer science is truly a life skill—it draws together STEAM subjects with hands-on skills and abilities that connect you with the power of your potential.

My hope is that each Oregon student uses these experiences to map out a plan for their future.

You don’t need to know what you want to do for your career right now. 

It’s important to have experiences like these, to try things out, to use something instead of just looking at it on paper. 

Experiences like these are gateways to the world outside of school. 

They give you an idea of what you want the rest of your education and your life to be like.

So, did you have fun today?  Did you learn something new?