Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting
November 28, 2018
Thank you so much for the warm wishes.
As your Governor, I’m very excited to welcome you to one of mine and First Gentlemen’s favorite traditions: Christmas at the Oregon Capitol.
This year is extra special because Oregon was picked to provide the Christmas tree for the US Capitol lawn in Washington D.C.
We shared a tree from the Willamette National Forest near Sweet Home, Oregon. But we didn’t pick one tree. We picked two and placed the second one right here in the rotunda.
This tree symbolizes the beauty and bounty of Oregon, but it also represents our great love of our beautiful and majestic forests.
As a piece of Oregon taking part in the US Capitol Christmas tree, I led a statewide contest in search of the best essay by a fourth grader. The fourth grader is being sent to D.C. to read their essay and help light the tree on the US Capitol lawn.
I was blown away by how many incredible and thoughtful essays were submitted.
1,200 total.
But, when I read the essay by Brigette, I knew the country needed to hear it too. Brigette is headed to the nation’s capital this week to represent Oregon on the Capitol lawn.
Now, I have the great honor of introducing Brigette.