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​​Port of Portland
Celebrate Trade luncheon
Talking Points

April 15, 2015


• I am encouraged to see that the Port and others have joined together to designate 2015 as the Year of Trade
  in Oregon.  This will connect more Oregonians with the opportunities that global markets offer. I look forward to
  celebrating and promoting this important aspect of Oregon’s economy.

• I recently announced $300,000 in state investments to help Oregon's small businesses continue to export their
  goods. This includes a $250,000 project to work with small- and medium-sized businesses across Oregon to
  identify challenges they have in common and develop solutions to those challenges. 

 -  Of the 6,000 Oregon companies that exported last year, 5,300 were small- or medium-sized businesses.
        The project will deliver a list of recommended solutions to the 2016 Legislature that will assist these
        businesses in accessing, maintaining and growing their international customer bases.

 -  This fund also includes $50,000 to help resume air cargo service between Oregon and Asia.

• As airports and seaports remind us with each takeoff and landing, and with each port of call, we are not alone
  in this world. And when it comes to making Oregon a better place for all of us, our progress depends on
  collaboration at every level.

• To Bill and all of his staff at the Port, I thank you for your continued and dedicated support of farmers
  businesses, and Oregon residents from across the state.

 -  To our keynote speaker today, thank you for choosing to bring your exports through our Port. 

 -  And, to all of you here today, thank you for being an essential part of our efforts to grow Oregon’s trade
        strengths and to ensure opportunity for all Oregonians.