Media Room


Center for Women's Leadership
April 26, 2017


Good morning girls!

You’re here to learn about how to be leaders, activists and entrepreneurs.

Seeing that you’re here this morning, I know that you’re already all leaders.

The future is bright, thanks to you.

Being a girl and a woman in this world is challenging.

Working as a lawyer, being paid less than male coworkers, fearful of relationships with woman being found out.

Even though I am now Governor, I am one of only five female governors in the country. We still have a long way to go. 

Tips on succeeding, regardless of your chosen path:
     o Be a public speaker, reader and writer. Words can be your greatest tools.
     o Learn to consume information critically – ask questions. Challenge the status quo.
     o Take the high road, but know when to fight for your values
     o Show up, participate, be engaged, seek help, give help – then when you can, vote.

This is your Oregon.

You are already leaders; put your drive to use to make your community a better place for all.

Diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives makes you a powerhouse of potential.

Elevate one another, and stand up for each other.

Progress for one is progress for all.