Media Room




March 31, 2015

Welcome to the Capitol.

Thank you for joining me today to honor a visionary and inspiring leader who stood for justice, and who gave voices to farm workers.

And while Cesar Chavez’s work began hundreds of miles from Oregon, the legacy of that civil rights movement still reverberates around the nation and at home here in our state.

Cesar Chavez believed that all workers, regardless of where you were born or your job description, should have access to the decision-making processes that affect our lives.

Whether you carry a brief case to an office or work in the fields as a farmworker who brings food to the tables of all Oregonians – your work matters, and it’s vital to our way of life.

You are here today because you identify with this core belief, and are doing what you can to lift the voices and experiences of all people.

We need you here in the Capitol to share your stories, learn about what matters to you most and to work together to make our state the place where Caesar’s Chavez’s vision is made real. 

Whether you were born here or have made Oregon your home – we all deserve to have access to family-wage jobs, and quality health care and education for our children.

Improving workers’ rights is about more than just improving the lives of individuals.

As we know, those workers have grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and children whose lives are also touched by their wages, safe labor conditions, and opportunities.

This quest for justice comes down to Oregon families. Oregon is stronger when Latino families thrive.

Caesar Chavez’s legacy lives on through your work and the work of many leaders and organizations that serve Latino families throughout the state. 

As you continue your work, know that as your Governor, I am committed to finding solutions that advance and strengthen all families, and creating opportunities for all voices to be heard in the decision-making process.

Thank you for your commitment to our state’s promise and potential. 

Thank you.