Media Room

​​Good morning and welcome.

As your Governor, I’m thrilled that you are here in the Capitol talking with lawmakers and letting us know about your priorities and experiences.

What unites us as Oregonians is our belief in the power and promise of opportunity for everyone. 

Oregon is a stronger, more vital state when everyone has the opportunity to care for their families and pursue their dreams.

Although our country and state have a difficult history of racial and ethnic bias and discrimination, this history does not need to define our today or tomorrow.

Together we can work to ensure that communities across Oregon come together to empower and engage everyone in the solutions.

This is why I worked with so many of you to pass the New Motor Voter Bill.

Every one of your voices matter, and voter access is important. As Secretary of State, I led efforts to ensure there are as few barriers as possible to civic engagement.

Your organizations can now spend time and energy on educating and engaging communities rather than on voter registration. 

As your Governor, I am committed to continuing to raise awareness around issues of access and equity. I’m committed to ensuring all children in Oregon obtain an excellent education and that we work collectively to close the opportunity gap. 
Everyone here plays a critical role and I want to thank you for your service and commitment to our aspirations in Oregon. 

Thank you to the Coalition and to your individual organizations for the work you are doing to build and sustain this important movement so our tomorrows are not defined by the inequities of yesterday.

Thank you for caring and being part of the positive energy that strengthens our communities and our state.