Media Room


Community Capital Event

May 4, 2015

Thanks for the chance to learn about some of Oregon’s great small businesses and to share a few thoughts.

I’d like to start by saying thank-you to Amy Pearl and the team here at Hatch. In partnership with the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Amy has been instrumental in bringing a community-focused public offering system to Oregon. I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy and supporting her efforts when I served as Secretary of State. I am thrilled to be here as Governor to recognize and celebrate the beginning of what I hope becomes a great success.

Tonight I heard for the first time Red Wagon Creamery’s official slogan: “Give Us a Lick”.  Perfect, obviously, for a company that makes – you guessed it – ice cream.  

Red Wagon Creamery started with a simple mission: to make delicious ice cream from scratch and sell it from a pushcart. Now, just five years later, they’ve grown – and I’ve confirmed this is not a typo -- 11-hundred-percent. But they aren’t keeping that success to themselves. They are offering Oregonians the chance to share in their profits. By doing so, Oregonians are helping a business grow that may not otherwise have access to traditional funding mechanisms.

This new pathway to success is vitally important to the entire state. Oregon’s economy thrives on its homegrown businesses, and Community Public Offerings (CPOs) create opportunity for entrepreneurs who never had it before.

CPOs are a great new tool in our state’s toolbox to improving access to capital for our homegrown small businesses. These rules also help minority and women owned businesses to access capital resources that were previously not available. 

So, to our Small Businesses – you are the backbone of Oregon’s economy.  Keep up the good work.

To Potential Investors – Look local!  You now have another way to support small business in Oregon in ways that could be mutually beneficial.

Thank you.