Media Room


Cully Park Grand Opening
June 30, 2018

Good afternoon. I was here, just over a year ago. We were making one final push for funding, and I was pleased to contribute an additional $100,000 to help bring us to where we are today-- at the grand opening of Cully Park!

Today we come together to make our voices heard. We come together to show that our communities matter. We are powerful together. We can turn the tide. And we, the people, are what makes this nation great.

Cully Park is a testament to the passion and determination of this community. It is the reflection of the vision of those who see a better future for our children, for this community, and for future generations who will call Oregon home.  It shows us that by working together, we are capable of remarkable things.

Cully Park is a beautiful labor of love. Every minute spent in community meetings, talking to our neighbors, connecting with others. We do this because we see a better world for our families, our children, and for each other.

We do this because we know that by working together, we are able to build stronger communities and forge a brighter future.

We are here today because of all the families, neighbors, businesses, and community leaders who came together, with a shared vision. Determined to create a greener and more welcoming place for all who live in Portland.

I would like to thank Portland Parks and Rec., Verde and the “Let’s Build A Cully Park Coalition.”

Alan Hipólito, thank you for your phenomenal leadership. I wish you and your family the best as you begin a new chapter.

Tony, you are an incredibly passionate, and motivated leader. We are very fortunate to have you at the helm.

I would like to also thank Senator Wyden and Portland Commissioner Amanda Fritz. Without your commitment and support, we would not be here today.
I am absolutely amazed and inspired by all the hard work, passion and determination that went into bringing to life this beautiful community gathering space to the Cully Neighborhood.
Thank you all!