Media Room

DOR Event Talking Points
Jan. 26, 2016

Kris Kautz introduces the Governor

Thank you Kris.  Before I speak to the success of the Core Systems Replacement project, I’d like to first deliver some news.  I have asked Kris to assume the role of Interim Director for the Department as of February 1 and she has graciously accepted.  I am confident Kris’ experience and knowledge will provide much needed continuity while she is the Interim Director. 

I would also like to thank Jim Bucholz (“bue holz”) for his 30 plus years of service and the last three and a half years serving as director.  It was Jim’s leadership that guided the Department through the first two phases of this successful rollout.

If you are a regular reader of our local newspapers it’s fairly easy to find stories about the mistakes that are made in government but it’s rare that you read about the successes in Government.  This may be our reality, but it’s important that we recognize and celebrate the examples of good government.  Today we are here to recognize your achievement.  Implementing any systematic change requires a team effort and I’m proud of the teamwork you all have shown on this project.

 Your work at the Department is critical to the entire state and when you do your job well, we all benefit.  So I thank you all for making sure this phase of the project was a success.  2 down – 2 more to go!