Media Room

JULY 15, 2015

First, I’d like to thank Holly Mensch and Diamond foods for their leadership and decision to base the Innovation Center here in Oregon. We know you’ll be satisfied in your commitment to our state.
It’s a commitment that makes a lot of sense. After years of responding to the collapse of our natural resource-based economy in the 1980s, Oregon now boasts significant growth in foods, high-tech hardware, software development, and athletic and outdoor gear. 
In other words, in this state, we make things. Innovative, useful, marketable – and in this case, delicious – things.
Oregon’s food and beverage industry is one of our top economic drivers. And here in the mid-Willamette Valley, the industry has all the tools to grow: a strong agricultural presence; a deep talent base with decades of experience; and close proximity to Portland, home to the country’s most exciting culinary scene.
We are proud that Kettle has long been a part of Oregon’s success story. They’ve also helped tell our story by shipping evidence of the state’s best assets world-wide. Diamond has taken on that responsibility and doubled-down on their faith in Oregon. We are glad you’re here for years to come.
It’s important that we as a state support this industry as it blazes a path forward. As we tour the Innovation Center, we get to see Diamond take the first steps down that road.  It’s exciting to know that your investment in the region will be reflected in the innovative products that are born right here and served all over the world.