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Hello, I’m Governor Kate Brown.

I’m here to highlight the work funded by the Children’s Health Insurance Program, we know it as CHIP.

Thank you to:
The families that are here who are willing to share the difficult moments they have faced as parents, children, and patients.
My representative, Earl Blumenauer
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and the care providers

CHIP has a long history of providing federal funding so that children across America can visit doctors, get medications, receive vaccines, and undergo treatments. 

Roughly one in ten children in Oregon get the care they need through CHIP. 
Federal funding for CHIP expired almost two months ago due to Congressional inaction.

If Congress fails to reauthorize funding for CHIP, effects would be catastrophic for the most vulnerable Oregonians. 

I came into public service because I believe that children deserve to get the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Oregon will be one of the first states to lose CHIP funding. 

That means over 80,000 children and pregnant women could lose access to the doctors and medicine they need.

Federal leaders have an opportunity to unite, to put aside political gamesmanship to protect this program and the families that rely on it.

Families deserve to know their child’s health care is beyond political wrangling.

Children’s health care is too important to play politics with.
In Oregon, 98 percent of children have health care coverage. 

Thanks to progress in a recent legislative session, 100 percent will have access to health care.

It is up to us—Oregonians—to stand up for our children. 

In the meantime, I have directed the Oregon Health Authority to continue coverage through the end of April for children and families who are at risk of losing access to health care until Congress does the right thing and funds CHIP.

This allows us to continue to provide the care these kids and families rely on until Congress has time to make the right decision. 

Everyone deserves access to healthcare.

Michaela worked full time, and went to school full time at Oregon State University as a single mom.

Her son Ezra had jaundice when he was a baby. 

CHIP enabled Michaela to buy the medication he needed and take him to the primary care doctor who could monitor his progress. 

Without it, she would not have been able to afford the co-pay. 

Thanks to CHIP, she’s able to get him the help he needs, to worry less about her child and to focus on building happier family lives. 

Thank you for joining me in stepping up for your fellow Oregonians.