Media Room


EV Ride & Drive at the Oregon State Capitol
March 8, 2017

Thank you Drive Oregon for organizing this year’s EV Ride and Drive event. Thank you also to today’s partners, working together to give Oregon a vision of a clean-vehicle future.

Oregon is a pioneer in sustainable development. We are known for our innovative transportation strategies, land use policies, sustainability, and livability.

We have blazed new trails by investing in the West Coast Electric Highway and pursing strategies to help reach our greenhouse gas reduction goals.

In Oregon, believe you can support both economic development and the environment at the same time.

More and more, Oregon drivers are turning to electric vehicles a clean, coast effective transportation option. Thanks Drive Oregon and its statewide network of partners, we’re making electric vehicle ownership accessible to even more Oregonians, while supporting continued innovation in Oregon’s related industries.

Oregon is the ideal place to test-drive the future of the 21st-century transportation infrastructure.  How we get from one place to another matters.

While you’re here in Salem, I hope you’ll take time to speak directly with our legislators working to develop a transportation package to address our mounting needs throughout the state. Electric vehicle infrastructure should be part of those discussions.

Thank you again for being here today. I look forward to working with you to keep Oregon moving forward.

Thank you.