Media Room

Fair Shot bill signing
July 13, 2015

Welcome, I am so excited we can all be here to celebrate the passage of four pieces of legislation that will strengthen the economic security of working families in our state. 

Once again, Oregon is leading the nation. This past legislative session we were able to: 
Create a sick leave policy for workers. No one should go to work sick because they are afraid of losing their livelihood;
Provide every Oregonian an easy option to save for retirement, ensuring that in the future fewer Oregonians will spend their Elderly years living in poverty;
“Banning the box,” which is the practice of asking applicants to list there criminal histories – thereby excluding them from employment opportunities that will reduce recidivism and allow people to rebuild their lives; 
And last but certainly not least ending the practice of profiling as a law enforcement tactic. This leads to a more effective public safety strategy, builds trust, and creates stronger, safer communities. 
This visionary agenda was put forward by the “Fair Shot Coalition” and I want to make sure we thank everyone who worked so hard to make our state a better place for working Oregonians. 
Family Forward Oregon; 
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon; 
Basic Rights Oregon; 
Center for Intercultural Organizing; 
Forward Together; 
Impact NW;
Jobs with Justice;
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon; 
Northwest Workers' Justice Project; 
Oregon Action; 
Oregon AFL-CIO;
Oregon Education Association; 
Oregon Nurses Association; 
Partnership for Safety and Justice; 
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon; 
Rural Organizing Project; 
Urban League of Portland;
VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project; 
And, the YWCA 

As we know, these bills touch every aspect of our lives.

Good jobs provide for our children and take care of our families. Employees must have the ability to take paid sick leave to care for themselves and their families. 

Secure jobs enable us to save for the future and plan for retirement. 

Job Opportunity allows people to connect to the community and to get back to work and rebuild their lives. 
Strong Communities build trust between police and the people they serve and protect. 

Even with the success we are celebrating today, our work is not done.  There are still people working full time jobs who are unable to make ends meet. We must carry on with the fight for a living wage for all workers. 

As we continue this work, know that as your Governor, I commit to finding solutions that strengthen all families, encourage economic justice for all, and promote opportunity for each and every Oregonian.

These values unite us in the promise of opportunity for everyone. 

These values make Oregon a stronger, more dynamic state.

These values show the country that the power of our beliefs can drive real, tangible, effective change. 

In short, today we are simply making people’s lives better.

We would like to introduce Kayse Jama from the Center for Intercultural Organizing.