Media Room


Thank you very much to Ambassador Osius for your kind introduction. I am honored, humbled, and proud to be the first Governor of Oregon to visit Vietnam. It is a joy to spend this historic evening with you all. 

This is also a poignant time to celebrate the 20th  anniversary of the U.S. Embassy and Vietnam having diplomatic relations.  

I am here because I want to spread the word in Vietnam of what a wonderful place Oregon is to live, work, study, and build lasting partnerships. Whether it is business, education, or culture. – we can do great work together.

I believe Oregon and Vietnam have much to offer each other—we are communities linked with shared economic goals and cultural values. 

Agriculture has been a bedrock industry for both of our economies. It’s also poised to serve us well into the future as global trade increases.

We are also both homes to some of the world’s most recognizable companies, including Nike, Intel, and Columbia Sportswear. 

Both our cultures highly value education too. Every year, more Vietnamese students and young professionals come to Oregon’s best academic institutions. We are also grateful for the leadership of institutions like Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, The Academy of Policy and Development, Eastern International University, and the many other partnerships that bring our students together.

What we have accomplished to date, however, is only the beginning. 

These relationships and investments certainly bolster our respective economies. But perhaps most important, they lead to a deeper cultural connection between the people of Oregon and the people of Vietnam. Because of our history together, it is our responsibility to help ensure this tradition continues for future generations.

When we focus on developing personal relationships and cultivating mutual respect for and understanding of each other’s cultures, our economies will thrive together. Let’s continue that growth, together, for many generations to come.