Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Genentech 10-Year Anniversary Event
October 10, 2018

It’s an honor to be here on your tenth anniversary.
I think we all know how important Genentech’s work to treat illness and alleviate pain is to the rest of the world. But today, we celebrate the good work that Genentech has done right here in Hillsboro.
Over the past decade, this facility has supported more than 400 people and their families. That means Genentech’s work doesn’t stop at the end of the parking lot or only start once a product gets to a patient. Genentech is growing this community by being a constructive part of it.
And as Governor, this is exactly the kind of company I want to partner with.  That’s why we’ve been working together since the beginning because in Oregon, we don’t just bring companies here and walk away—we are partners for the long haul to build prosperous communities.
My office has worked closely with Genentech over the last number of months to work on increasing not only investment in Oregon but also bringing additional jobs to our state.  I look forward to continuing that work and hope we all will be able to share very good news soon.
In the meantime, let’s celebrate Genentech’s 10-year success story and the future.
Thank you