Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Gorge(ous) Night Out
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Welcome to Salem! The Gorge is truly a special place to live, work, and play. While I’m excited to see you here in Salem advocating for your communities, I’d much rather be visiting you where you live!

Everyone in Oregon knows that the Gorge is gorgeous. But all of us in this room know something they may not: people who live in the Gorge are resilient. I’ve seen it first-hand. Your ability to band together in the face of several years of devastating fire seasons has become a model for the rest of the state to follow.

Part of it is the way you take care of your own and take individual ownership of your communities.

Even as the state mobilized our resources for response and recovery, there are countless stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

Your efforts to provide affordable housing in Hood River, through the development of a publicly-owned parcel, are to be commended. My Regional Solutions team will continue to partner with you on these efforts.

Right now in Salem, I am working with the Legislature to provide even more resources to address this challenge. We will need to deploy every tool at our disposal to meet the state’s shortage of housing.
I know the Ports of Hood River and Cascade Locks are working hard on replacing and enhancing vital interstate bridges in partnership with the federal and state governments. Please continue to engage my staff as you move forward.
The Gorge economy continues to be a bright spot, and I am pleased to see several of the Gorge’s most dynamic and forward-thinking companies represented in the room. I know my team is currently working with the Port of Cascade Locks on expansions of pFriem and Renewal Workshop, and I am excited to see the prosperity of the region push out to Cascade Locks.
I look forward to making it out your way soon.

Thank you!