Media Room

HB 2002 and 3205 Ceremonial Bill Signing
September 24, 2015

Thank you, Emanuel and Nael.
I am so excited to be here today to celebrate the passage of legislation that House Bill 2002, which addresses racial profiling in law enforcement, and House Bill 3025, “Ban the Box.”
HB 3025, "Ban the Box" removes barriers for Oregonians with prior convictions, giving them a chance to gain employment by prohibiting an employer from inquiring about criminal convictions until either an interview or conditional offer of employment is made.  
In short, it helps opens the doors to employment to Oregonians who have served their time and are looking for a second chance. 

HB 2002 makes progress towards the goal of public safety for all, regardless of race or ethnicity, which builds trust, creating stronger, safer communities.

There is still more work to do, but know that as your Governor, I commit to finding solutions that strengthen all families, encourage economic justice for all, and promote opportunity for each and every Oregonian.
These values unite us through the promise of opportunity for everyone. 
They make Oregon stronger and more dynamic across all communities.

These shared values – and the new laws they inspired -- show the country what we can do when we work together to drive real, tangible, effective change. 
Thank you everyone for your hard work to get this legislation passed. Emanuel & Nael, please come stand by my side as I sign these bills. And everyone else, please come up as well.