Media Room


HB 4145 Testimony
March 5, 2018

Today we say, “Enough!”

Today we say, no more.

Today we say, gun violence must end.

I want to thank our legislators who stood up to the NRA, who carried this bill through the house and senate. Legislators who voted to keep our state safer from gun violence.

This afternoon, I am joined by some of those legislators: Senator Prozanski, Senator Wagner, Representatives Sollman and Salinas and House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson.
And I thank the continued advocacy of Oregonians across the state-- including Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and Multnomah County’s DA Rod Underhill and Sheriff Michael Reese.

In Oregon, instead of turning to more guns...

We turn to common sense solutions.

Today, I am proud to sign into law HB 4145.

We know that the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that a woman will be killed.

Signing this bill today and closing the Intimate Partner Loophole will help save lives.

Keep guns out of the wrong hands.

And will help protect our families and keep our communities safer.

The bipartisan support for HB 4145 reflects what Oregonians and Americans have long felt and are now loudly saying — ending senseless gun violence is possible if we put politics aside and work together on practical solutions.

Sadly, it is taking voices and outrage of youth devastated by gun violence to change the narrative of this long-running national debate.

After I sign this bill, Oregon becomes the first state to step up and take action to prevent senseless gun violence since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

It is my hope, that the rest of the country is ready to follow Oregon’s lead.

As we celebrate today’s victory, we must keep looking ahead to the next step towards stopping senseless gun violence.

Continue to demand change.

We need national action and federal legislation.

To the students who are watching this today, continue making your voices heard.

Continue to hold policymakers makers’ feet to the fire.

Now's the time for real change!