Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
May Day 2018
May 1, 2018

Our Dreamers and immigrant families embody the ideals of the American Dream.

You are an integral part of our communities, our culture, and our economy.

While the White House continues to show little regard for the core principles of our Constitution -- we will make our voices heard.

When the President rebukes our shared vision of America - where we are all able to pursue the promise of the American Dream -- we will make our voices heard.

It is up to us to be the standard bearers of justice and civil rights.

As a community, we are at our best when we are diverse in our perspectives and experiences. And united in our resolve to make the well-being of Oregonians our highest priority.

I have said it before and I will say it again. A divided and chaotic Washington DC is unworkable. But a united Oregon is unstoppable.

That’s why I’ll fight to keep Oregon a welcoming place to all who call our state home – including our immigrant families and Dreamers.

Today, I am thrilled to sign into law two important bills that will lift the cloud of uncertainty for our Dreamers and immigrant families:

House Bill 4111 and Senate Bill 1563.

House Bill 4111 guarantees that our Dreamers and otherwise law-abiding, hardworking Oregonians can obtain an Oregon-issued driver's license.

We know education is the foundation to a better life. Senate Bill 1563 ensures Dreamers and immigrant students to pursue their higher education goals in Oregon, regardless of their immigration status.

These are important victories. These affirm Oregon’s support for our immigrant families.

I want to thank our legislators and the leadership of President Courtney, Senator Dembrow, Representative Teresa Alonso Leon, and Representative Hernandez.

Together, we will continue to ensure Oregon remains a welcoming place for all who call Oregon home.