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​​Motor Voter bill signing talking point
As Prepared

March 16, 2015

This is an extraordinarily unique and humbling opportunity. In my role as Secretary of State, I proposed a new way of registering to vote: New Motor Voter. It was my top priority, and I am thrilled that I am about to sign this into law as Governor.

Over thirty years ago, Del Reilly, the clerk of Linn County had a vision to make voting as convenient and accessible as possible by putting a ballot in the hands of every eligible Oregonian through vote by mail. 

This bill will fully implement that goal by ensuring that virtually every eligible Oregonian will be able to have their voice be heard.

Building on the federal Motor Voter Bill,

This bill will modernize how the DMV and the SOS work to register citizens to vote

During the testimony on the bill, a legislator said to me,
It’s already so easy to register, why would we make it easier?
My answer is that we have the tools to make voter registration more cost effective, more secure and more convenient for Oregonians,

Why wouldn’t we??

This New Motor Voter law will allow organizations to spend their resources educating and engaging voters rather spending enormous amounts of time and energy to do voter registration ensuring that our government is one that works for all of us.

Oregon is a true leader in accessibility to voting, I encourage every eligible Oregonian to participate in the process, and I challenge other states to examine their policies and find ways to ensure there are as few barriers as possible in the way of a citizen’s right to vote.

Your vote is your voice and every voice matters.

Under this proposal, more voices will be heard!

I want to thank the many individuals and groups who have worked so hard to not only pass this legislation but whose mission statement is to protect the right to vote, to educate voters and to engage voters.  Some of those include: 

• Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
• Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum
• House Majority Leader Val Hoyle
• Representative Lew Frederick
• (any other legislators that are in the room)
• League of Women Voters of Oregon
• Oregon Student Association
• The Bus Project
• Urban League
• The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
• Oregon Voice
• And my former staff at the SOS office.