Media Room

APRIL 11, 2015


Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this meaningful occasion.

To the men and women of the 116th Air Control Squadron, it is my privilege as your Commander in Chief, to express my pride and gratitude for the important work that you do.

I speak for all Oregonians when I say that, while we anxiously await your safe return, you will never be far from our thoughts and prayers.

We have no doubt that you will represent Oregon with courage, skill, and honor.

In addition to excellent training, you bring pride and professionalism to this mission. Your presence and support overseas will aid important global missions.

Throughout your tour of duty, may you be well served by training, your colleagues, and sustained by your honor, commitment, and love of country.

You are serving your country in extraordinary ways, and the sacrifices you have made, being away from your loved ones, are valued and appreciated by all of the citizens of Oregon.

I realize this deployment also requires sacrifices by your families and loved ones who must endure your absence.

As your Commander in Chief, I have tremendous confidence in the abilities and commitment of our armed forces, but I recognize the void this leaves in the unit still here – the family unit. Thank you for your courage and forbearance.

As difficult as deployment may be, I hope that the continued friendships and connections with your colleagues will help see you through the hard times while you are away.

Please be there for each other as you are here at home.

The spirit, determination and the commitment of the 116th Air Control Squadron make us so proud to be Oregonians.

On behalf of a grateful state and nation — thank you for your service.

God bless you, God bless your families — and Godspeed.