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Governor Kate Brown
National Popular Vote – SB 870 Signing
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Good afternoon. I’m delighted to join you on this very special day to sign the much anticipated National Popular Vote bill here in Oregon.

I’m thrilled to be joined here today by Dr. John Koza, Chairman of National Popular Vote, and Barry Fadem, President of National Popular Vote, and the National Popular Vote coalition.

I think you all know, I’ve been a big supporter of this concept since I was Secretary of State. But, I clearly wasn’t the only one.

This legislation would not have passed without legislative champions like Senator Boquist, Dembrow, and Representatives Keny-Guyer, Mitchell, Rayfield and so many others.

I know outside of this building, there were many advocates working tirelessly to bring this critical and necessary reform to Oregon. Your grassroots effort really made a difference.

I often times get an opportunity to talk with young people who come to the Capitol. I tell them not to lose hope or sight of their goals. I tell them to continue to fight for the things they care about. And if it doesn’t work on the first try, try again. And again. And sometimes even again.

This legislation is an example of that. After years of advocacy, we’re all here to celebrate the historic passage of a bill that took years to be successful.

When I was Secretary of State, I spoke often about our record-breaking turnout and how critical it was that every voter believe their individual vote matters.

Today, we are taking a step to ensure every eligible voter’s voice is heard not just in Oregon, but across the country.

We know popular vote will encourage candidates to spend more time in states like ours, speaking directly to our voters, about the issues that matter most to Oregonians.

We are taking a step today to ensure Oregon values become part of the national discussion in presidential campaigns.

After your hard work and advocacy, we are joining the 15 other jurisdictions who have passed similar legislation, in taking a critical step forward to ensure the Presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes wins.

Thank you, and let’s sign the bill!