Media Room

July 1, 2015

We did this together — it took a lot of small contributions to make it happen. This amazing accomplishment demonstrates what happens when Oregonians pull together: Eighty-seven percent of the $1 billion raised came from inside the state. Thank you, Oregon!
Under Dr. Druker’s leadership, OHSU has a team we can trust — that’s why there was such strong support among legislators for the $200 million provided by Oregon taxpayers.
OHSU’s achievement benefits all Oregonians through increased access to clinical trials and statewide education and outreach.
It also continues to put Oregon on the map of places that are on the front lines of medicine and healthcare innovation.
Ultimately, however, this is about the very personal matter of curing cancer – and discovering it before it is lethal.
This is about creating more survivors. There is hardly anyone in Oregon whose life has not been personally affected in some way by this insidious disease.
Today I am proud to stand with you, and with Dr. Druker and Oregon Health and Science University, in our fight to beat cancer.