Media Room


August 5, 2018

Good morning and thank you all for inviting me as we place a milestone in the long and very distinguished history of the Oregon National Guard.  Never before, has a woman served as General Officer in the Oregon Guard.

Today we celebrate the accomplishments and future service of Colonel Donna Prigmore as she is promoted to Brigadier General.  She now steps into an elite group of individuals who can claim the title of general officer.

 The military is a meritocracy, where with each level of rank comes more responsibility, higher accountability, and greater levels of excellence.  A promotion to general officer is a large responsibility – one given only to those who have the utmost trust and respect. 

Donna Prigmore embodies these ideals in both her civilian life and military service.  Having served since 1982 as both an enlisted Airwoman and an officer, she consistently rises to the top in her abilities to accomplish the mission, while always caring about people.  

Donna balances her work at the Port of Portland with her military contributions.  When you have someone of Donna’s caliber, she is needed at both places.  Thanks to the support of the Port of Portland, Donna has been able to spend more time with the Oregon National Guard and at the highest levels of the National Guard Bureau.  These experiences will provide incredible value to the state of Oregon as she pins on her new rank.

I couldn’t be happier for Donna and the Oregon Guard on this momentous day.  For her unique and exemplary contribution to the state and the Oregon National Guard, I am pleased to administer her oath of office on this historic day.