Media Room

Digital Summit Welcome
May 24, 2016

Thank you for opportunity to kick off this summit.

At risk of getting off on the wrong foot – and of superceding Alex’s authority a bit - I’d like to propose we change the name of the Digital Summit to the “Access Summit.” Because while we think of the medium – whether it be by internet, mail, or in person – Oregonians are focused on how to access state services in the most convenient and accessible way. Regardless of the method. 

And while we’ve made a lot of progress over the past few years, we have some catching up to do. People’s expectations have changed in the last few years regarding the speed and efficiency of the delivery of information and services. State government needs to change to meet those expectations.  

I want to see Oregonians get the level of services that they expect. And I will hold the government accountable in the delivery of those services.

If I ship a package via FedEx, for example, I can track it practically in real time. And as Secretary of State, I concluded that a voter’s ability to track their ballot, once it was mailed, should be at least as easy as tracking a package.  We added to tools to allow voters to do exactly that.

I’m proud to have also led efforts to implement online voter registration, give businesses a one-stop online shop for licenses and permits, and to hold lobbyists accountable by making their clients known virtually immediately. That’s why I made online ballot-tracking available to every eligible voter.  

As Governor, I want to bring that same level of efficiency and access to all state services.

Through technology, innovation, and public-private partnerships, I’m confident we can get there.

I’ll need your help. With your ideas, we can improve everything from disaster preparation to data collection. And with your input, we can make government more innovative, responsive, and effective.

These are achievable aims. I’m lucky to have folks like you working hard to help us turn great ideas into innovations, and as I like to say, “get stuff done.”

Thank you for having me today and I look forward to the future you are shaping today.