Media Room

SB 1507 Signing

I’d like to begin by congratulating the entire team at LAIKA for their contribution to the local production industry as well as their recent academy award. You have taken stop motion animation and transformed it into a cutting edge 21st century art form.  With your upcoming expansion here at the studio, I’m sure you will continue to be a pioneer.

So, it is fitting that we celebrate the signing of Senate Bill 1507 at LAIKA. 

LAIKA has proven that a love for storytelling and sense of duty to creatively advance their industry can make a great business model. It’s an often-used phrase but still appropriate, they are turning dreams into reality. 

I would like to think that as representatives of the people of Oregon, we are in the same business. Starting with a love for this state and a duty to stand up for those who cannot do so for themselves, we are working to build healthy, vibrant communities that offer opportunities for all Oregonians to engage their full potential.

Today, we can thank Senator Ginny Burdick for helping to do just that. This bill expands the Oregon Production Investment Fund, a proven tool for economic growth. Not in Hollywood, but right here in Oregon.

Last year 20 of the 23 projects that benefited from this fund were produced by either local Oregon companies or local Oregon producers. The program generates over $160 million of spending a year and more than 3000 jobs. With the signing of this bill I expect the number of local productions will grow even more.

It’s also important that we spread the wealth. A new initiative of the Oregon Production Investment Fund encourages existing Portland-based productions like PORTLANDIA, GRIMM and THE LIBRARIANS to shoot at least a few days of their schedule outside of Portland. This initiative also provides incentives to productions that shoot the majority of their film outside of Portland.
Now that we are sharpening our tools to promote growth in Oregon, I challenge the film, video, and new media industry to make an even larger impact around the state. Over the last decade, you all have set the bar very high and I look forward to you making an even greater impact here in Oregon for years to come.