Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Oregon Solidarity Wines Celebration
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I’m so pleased to join you here this evening. This event is a true example of the Oregon way — coming together despite differences to work together to make our community a better place to live.
Whether you love Pinot or Chardonnay, whether you hail from McMinnville or Medford, or identify as a Republican or a Democrat, we all share something in common — the dedication to crossing divides to look out for each other.
I want to recognize a project that was another example of Oregon’s community coming together.
Last year, our Rogue Valley grape growers were hit hard when a massive national winemaker canceled contracts claiming damage from the wildfires that had already devastated the local economy. Those claims were political and unfounded, and a second economic blow from the smoke.
But Oregonian wineries stepped up to not just help their fellow winemakers, but to protect our industry by shouting from the rooftops once again how great Oregon wine is. They purchased the grapes from the cancelled contracts, and made a wine that made a statement.
Tonight, we can raise a glass from and to that effort—Solidarity Wines.
I look forward to working with you all this session to further protect Oregon’s unique and world class wines.
Thank you, and cheers!