Media Room

Investitute of Patty Perlow
September 11, 2015

It is my pleasure to join you this evening in celebrating the investiture of Lane County’s new district attorney.  

I know Patty has already been hard at work in this position for more than a month, and that the citizens of Lane County are already benefitting from her efforts.  But I’m so pleased that we have taken this moment to pause and reflect on where we are and where the Lane County DA’s Office is going. 

Everyone here today already knows what an outstanding district attorney Patty will be.  

You know that she has dedicated 25 years to serving Lane County as a prosecutor.

You know – particularly given the strong law enforcement turnout here today -- that she is committed to her core to protecting and securing the safety and civil rights of every person in this community. 

And you know that she has already made history by becoming the first woman district attorney Lane County has ever had. 

We also know that the Lane County DA’s Office has been through some tough times lately.  Budget realities have resulted in the loss of valued lawyers and staff, and constrained the Office’s ability serve the people of Lane County. It has been more difficult to bring to trial cases we’d like to see prosecuted, or provide the kind of outreach that helps reduce crime in our communities without necessarily filling up jail beds. 

In the face of these circumstances, I am heartened to know that your new District Attorney is the person who probably knows the most about how this Office runs, as well as its strengths and challenges.

I appreciate Patty’s eagerness to seek out new partnerships that will help the Office optimize its resources.  I know she is eager to forge new alliances with potential partners on the federal bench, in the United States Attorney’s Office, with the Lane County bench, with the local and state wide law enforcement communities, and with the Lane County Bar Association.  
Patty will be a strong advocate for Lane County, and for maximizing the role of this Office in the community. 

It was an honor to appoint Patty to this position.  I know it will prove to be a strong investment in Lane County’s future. 

Congratulations, Patty.