Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Southern Oregon Manufactured Housing Conference
October 4, 2018

Hello, I’m Governor Kate Brown. My goal as governor is to make sure that every Oregonian has an opportunity to thrive. That means ensuring everyone has a warm, safe, affordable place to call home.
I’m so pleased to be here to hear more about how we can make this possible for more Oregonian families.
I’d like to thank Representative Marsh for her leadership in this conversation, as well as Oregon Housing and Community Services Director Margaret Salazar.
People across the country are learning what we have known for a long time: Oregon is a great place to live. Our state has grown at a rapid pace over the last decade, which brings more vibrancy to our communities and to our economy.
But with growth comes growing pains. And all too often, working families trying to find the right home feel it the most.
Homes that are more than just four walls and a roof, with rents that don’t mean choosing which bill to pay, or what to do without this month.
When we can do this for one family, children do better in school, and parents do better at work, or can look for better work.
When we can do this for many families, a community grows stronger.
When we can do this in every community, our state prospers.
As communities around the state are working to increase housing supply and meet the need across the housing spectrum, you all are focusing on the important role that manufactured housing plays in ensuring safe, affordable homes, and providing community.
Your creativity and collaboration are leveraging federal, state, and private resources to preserve affordability and keep manufactured communities intact.
It’s particularly meaningful here in Jackson County, which has 6,450 individual manufactured home spaces — or as we prefer to call them, homes.
Thank you for your work to maximize the potential of manufactured housing to alleviate housing need in our state and create homeownership opportunity.
Keep up the good work!