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• Thousands of students from across the United States and the world choose to study in Oregon. With its rolling mountains and abundant forests, Oregon is most known for its diverse, beautiful landscapes. International students can find everything they're looking for in Oregon: nature, adventure and, of course, a great education.

• Oregon is an excellent place to study. Whether you are looking for a small, intimate campus community or prefer a large research university, Study Oregon will help you find a school that meets your needs. 

• Our schools need you too. The presence of international students are what keeps our campus communities vibrant and culturally diverse.

• I am so proud of the strong partnerships that Oregon and Vietnam share when it comes to education. We have established exchange programs like the Intel Vietnam Scholars Program in coordination with PSU as well as strong partnerships like the one Oregon State University shares with Eastern International University.

• And after students earn an education in Oregon, we can help put them to work too. Several well-known international firms, call Oregon home and are investing in Vietnam. One of our biggest employers, Nike, is investing in Vietnam by employing contract manufacturers to help produce athletic attire and footwear.  Intel, another company well-known in Oregon, is investing in Vietnam with its factory in Ho Chi Minh City.