Media Room


Transportation Tour
August 28-29, 2017


•  The transportation package is a roadmap to Oregon's future. Not only will this package improve the safety and condition of our roads and bridges, it will support thousands of family wage
   jobs and help local businesses get their goods to market more efficiently.
•  Passing the transportation package was no easy feat. We faced some significant challenges this past session, but we worked across the aisle and towards a shared vision of a better
•  Both a joint legislative committee, as well as a transportation vision panel, toured every corner of the state and met with communities to get an on-the-ground understanding of local
   transportation needs. Thanks to this effort, we were able to craft a package that addresess three common priorities identified by communities across the state:
      o First and foremost, we have to address traffic. Portland-area congestion is impacting all regions and contributes to higher costs to Oregon businesses. HB 2017 invests in key highway
         improvement projects to curb congestion and keep Oregon moving.
      o Secondly, communities in every region of Oregon are looking to mass transit to meet the needs of a growing workforce and aging population. 
      o For the first time, Oregon will have a dedicated source of funding for transit, which can be a vehicle out of poverty for many working families.
      o HB 2017 also invests in critical seismic and safety improvements to our roads, bridges, and ports to better prepare Oregon for the inevitability of a Cascadia Subduction Zone
•  The transportation package is truly a testament to the Oregon way of working together to tackle big challenges to meet the needs of communities in every region of the state.
•  I appreciate the determination of Legislators and the business community to work toward this shared vision of improving the economy of Oregon.
•  This transportation package will keep Oregon moving and improve the safety of our roads and bridges. It also reaffirms our commitment to innovate, tackle climate change, and build a
   more resilient state for future generations.