Media Room

October 2, 2015

All of Oregon stands with Umpqua Community College and the City of Roseburg today. I am amazed and proud of how the Roseburg community has pulled together to care for and comfort each other during this horrific crisis.

I want to thank the police, firefighters, dispatchers, emergency medical personnel and all those at the College for their heroic efforts yesterday. 

Oregon has worked continuously to prevent these kinds of tragedies, but they continue to happen here and across this nation. And it is going to keep happening until we decide we want it to stop.

There is no single solution that will prevent every shooting, but we must and we will do better to prevent these types of senseless violence. This is a conversation we will have, but today is not the day. 

Today we must be focused on providing the support and condolences and help the community heal. 

As we move forward, we can honor the lives lost at Umpqua Community College best by remembering what it means to be a caring community: 
To demonstrate more kindness;
Respect each other more; and
Take the time to truly connect to the people around us

This is a difficult time for all of us, and of course especially for those here in Douglas County – whose lives and families were forever changed yesterday.

One person’s deranged act may have indeed broken all of our hearts.  But he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and more committed to the Oregon we hold dear.