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U.S.-China Governors’ Accord On Clean Energy and Economic Development
September 22, 2015

Oregon has long been a leader in clean energy development. For us, clean energy means creating an environment that ensures the health of Oregonians and protects our quality of life for many generations to come.

We also believe that environmental stewardship and economic development are not mutually exclusive ideas. In Oregon, we have a number of policies and programs that promote clean energy and create a strong, stable economy.  

The Energy Trust of Oregon is the state’s champion of energy efficiency. Since its inception, it has saved Oregonians over $1.9 billion on their energy bills. Since 2002 alone, the organization has added $3.9 billion to the state's economy. This investment creates family-wage jobs in our struggling economies, saves Oregonians money, and creates capital that can be reinvested into businesses large and small.

Just this year, I signed into law the Oregon Clean Fuels Program. It reduces carbon in transportation fuel and helps jump-start our alternative fuels market. This program ensures that each year, Oregonians will be able to invest locally instead of spending $6 billion a year to import fuels that are created elsewhere.

In addition, our state's renewable portfolio standard has generated over $10 billion in investments in Oregon. This money is vital to our rural communities, expanding the opportunity to pay for new schools and public safety officers.  

Today I’m excited to share the momentum we’ve built in Oregon with my counterparts here in the United States and in China. When we work together toward a lower carbon future, all of our economies can grow. But most importantly, we expand the opportunity for our people to thrive.