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Governor Kate Brown
Driver’s License Bill Signing Remarks
Friday, August 9, 2019

I’m proud to be here today to celebrate with you all. I know that it’s been a long road to get to this bill signing. And it’s a huge victory for safety and for equity.

I’d like to especially recognize Andrea Williams. Without her dedication and leadership at Causa for the last decade, we wouldn’t be where we are right at this very moment. Thank you, Andrea, for being a guidepost on this long road.

Thank you to:
Folks at Causa
The Driver’s License Coalition
Oregon Nursery Association
Other folks in business community

As a mixed urban and rural state, many Oregonians depend on the ability to drive to support their families, go to school, the doctor, or the grocery store. 

This afternoon I want to share the story of some of the organizers of this fantastic event: Isa and Ines Peña. Their families have lived in Newberg for over 19 years. After their father’s license expired in 2012, Isa and Ines took turns driving their father to and from his job, all while being full-time students. It was 45 minutes each way. 

Increasing access to driver’s licenses ensures that all Oregonians -- like Ines and Isa’s father -- can safely commute to the jobs and services that provide for themselves and their families.

That means everyone who lives in this state and wants to drive (and passes their test) can be more independent, and make our roads safer at the same time.
And it will have ripple effects across our communities and our economies.

This moment is possible because of the countless organizations, community leaders, and courageous youth and families who shared their stories. 

Thank you for all of your hard work to bring this bill forward and championing it in the legislature. Let’s get to it!